On Friday May 15, 2020 we talked about using formative assessments inside of Zoom/Google Meeting. We discussed a number of tools that could be used, Zoom Breakout Rooms and Google Forms most specifically. In an effort to pull the other tools we discussed into one place, I decided collect them all in this weeks blog post.

  1. Socrative

If you have been around YCCS for more than 1 year, you should be familiar with Socrative. Socrative use to come with Mastery Connect. However, they have recently separated and have their own website now. I reached out to Socrative and they are offering their platform for free so go check them out. Socrative is a web-based formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create quizzes, ask questions, collect exit tickets and feedback. You can also create a competitive quiz bowl game, called, “Space Race,” where students compete to get the most answers correct.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is a study tool that uses flashcards, games, and other “study sets.” to help students. I personally used Quizlet in both undergrad and graduate school. Quizlet is basically online flash card.  Quizlet Live is a collaborative quiz game where students are placed into teams to work together to answer the questions and learn together. Quizlet is 100 percent free and a quick and easy way to formatively assess your students.

3. Google Classroom Questions, Formative and Google Forms/Sheets

We spoke about these three in detail on Friday, we’ll dive in more this week. I’m putting these three together, although I could have listed them separately.

With Google Questions you have the option to create a question and share that with students. You can make this collaborative, or just have the answers viewable for you the teacher. This is not a robust threaded discussion tool like I wish it was, but it can be handy for formative assessments and to check for understanding.

Formative is a free online assessment tool that is very robust. Formative allows teachers to choose pre-made assessments and edit to fit your needs, create your own from scratch, or even upload a PDF or doc to create. They also offer some fantastic data that you can track and intervene when needed. Not only is Formative free but it integrates directly into Google Classrooms.

Google forms is a survey and quiz tool that is very easy to use. You can feed your form or quiz data into a Google Sheet for analysis and evaluation. Both Google Forms and Sheets also have many “add-ons” that give users even more capabilities that can power your formative assessments.