The majority of us woke up January 1, 2020 with a list resolutions we planned to accomplish throughout the new year. Hashtags like #2020vision could be found on posts all over the internet during those 1st weeks. For most 2020 would start like years past, filled with high expectations, renewed health & fitness goals, travel plans, and boundless possibilities.

Fast forward to February and March; people’s hashtags and expectations begin to reveal heightened anxiety and uncertainty due to the spread of COVID-19. With the implementation of social distancing protocols, restrictions to group gatherings, and finally the state of emergency announcement, mental health concerns begin to rise with the infection rate.

How do we cope with being locked away from friends and loved ones? How do we cope with the fear of catching a disease that lays asymptomatic in people and on surfaces for days?

How do we just cope?

The answer is moment by moment, day by day, and by doing it together. Here are some tools and resources that can assist you and yours during your time of need.


Student Mental Health Matters Webinar

“Walk in Our Shoes” Mental Health Unit

Help is a phone call away.


The YCCS Helpline is a 24/7 resource for our students, their families, and community members experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. Clinicians, including licensed counselors and nurses, perform assessments, offer tele-services, and make referrals to vetted agencies, organizations, and institutions in an effort to meet the needs of each caller.
Please share this helpline with your students and staff; and remember

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