Exhibitions of Learning

YCCS requires students to demonstrate their level of competency via the use of EOLs, exhibitions of learning. These EOLs are summative assessments that provide students with voice and choice, while assessing skill acquisition. YCCS uses the backwards mapping process to plan “with the end in mind,” beginning with the skills required to successfully complete the summative EOL.

EOL Unpacking Worksheet
EOL Curriculum Planning Guide

Mastery Connect

Grading & Reporting Series – Part 4

Mastery Connect is the learning management system used by YCCS to track student skill acquisition. It allows for the aligning and assessing of targeted skills with progress monitoring across content areas. All YCCS students receive a Mastery Connect progress report that speaks specifically to the skill areas they have shown competency in, as well as the specific skills (within a content area) that need to be revisited.

Mastery Connect Homepage
YCCS Mastery Connect Workshop