Curriculum Team

Sheila Venson

Executive Director

Dr. Traci Brown

Chief Education Officer

LaShandra Smith-Rayfield, M.Ed

Director of Teaching & Learning

Marvin Griffin, M.Ed

Curriculum & Staff Development Coordinator

The YCCS Competency Approach

The Competency-based Education (CBE) approach to teaching and learning focuses on the acquisition of concrete skills. It allows for individualized learning in which the student is evaluated on his or her level of competency, i.e. mastery of a skill.

The shift towards emphasis on transferable skill acquisition is at the core of CBE and the YCCS competency framework.  Our integrated approach to professional development bridges the gap for teachers and administrators; providing step-by-step guides for transforming instructional practices and school culture from traditional to a competency model.

What makes teaching and learning different at YCCS?

How do administrators, instructors, and interventionists ensure that student needs are met and that they obtain skills that provide post secondary options for all of our students?

What resources are there to ensure that everyone has what they need for teacher & student success?

This site’s goal is to assist YCCS administrators and instructional staff with articulating the WHY, the WHAT, & the HOW of Competency-based instruction at YCCS.  It will serve as a hub for professional development, instructional strategies, planning & assessment guidance, and collaboration. 

Communities of Practice Workshops

C.O.P.s provide opportunities for peers from different campuses to come together, learn, share, and build capacity.

Administration Round Tables

Similarly to the Community of Practice, Admin Round Tables provide campus leaders with an opportunity to learn, share, and explore issues unique to their roles as campus leaders.

Literacy Workshops

These workshops provide support to teachers in the area of literacy instruction. Reading, writing & comprehension strategies are modeled, unpacked, & revised to fit the needs of our students. Teachers then build capacity by using these strategies as part of their instructional tool kit.

CBE Workshops

CBE or Competency-based education is the core of the educational framework at YCCS. These workshops provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the pedagogical shift from traditional to competency. They also ensure that this shift is visible and articulated through out our school culture and instruction.