Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We enter this year unlike any year in recent history. LaShandra and I plan on making your remote learning needs as seamless as possible. Youth Connection Charter School provides teacher and administrator with professional developments that meet Illinois State Learning Standards earning the CPDUs necessary to maintain your teaching credentials. The professional developments not only provide an opportunity to earn CPDUs but primarily is an opportunity to stay abreast of best practice and how to become or maintain compliance with YCCS 5 Non- negotiables.  

  1. Implementation of Mastery Connect
  • Skill Based Instruction 
  •  Exhibitions of Learning 
  • Grading Policy 
  • Competency Based Extended Learning Opportunities

To view all scheduled Professional Development check yccspd.org. Administrators can also request professional developments via the 2020-2021 Professional Development Request Form. Which can also be found at yccspd.org.

The  Purposes for CPDUs

1.     Advance both the certificate holder knowledge and skills consistent with the

Illinois Standards for the service area in which the certificate is endorsed in order to keep

the certificate holder current in that area.

2.     Develop the certificate holder knowledge and skills in areas determined by the

State Board of Education to be critical for all school service personnel.

3.     Address the knowledge, skills, and goals of the certificate holder local school

improvement plan, if the certificate holder is employed in an Illinois public or State-

operated elementary school, secondary school, or cooperative or joint agreement with a

governing body or board of control.

4.     Address the needs of serving students with disabilities, including adapting and

modifying clinical or professional practices to meet the needs of students with

disabilities and serving such students in the least restrictive environment.

With that said it’s important that you follow the steps necessary to receive your CPDU.

  1. Complete the exit ticket (make sure you select the proper PD and date)
  • Edit the evaluation form inside of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Save it on your desktop, or any place where you can find it easily
  • Attach and send the form to LaShandra and/or I.

You’ll receive your CPDU (77-21b) before the end of the quarter in which you submit your exit ticket and evaluation form. Once you receive the CPDU you have 5 years to submit the paperwork to the state of Illinois.