Mastery Connect was chosen by our campus leaders to provide teachers and students with a meaningful way to access academic achievements and needs INSTEAD of compliance. What do I mean by compliance?

Compliance based grades are those given to students for task completion. These type of evaluations give students false sense of accomplichment and are often either low level DOK or punitive in nature. Mastery Connect assist teachers in providing critical feedback that hits at the core of a students needs; and therefore informs teacher instuction and planning.

Mastery Connect is only a tool; when used effectively & with fidelity students benefit and achievement gaps close.

It is because it’s effective use is so essential to student growth that we want to provide our YCCS team with as much support as possible as they navigate how to use the Mastery Connect platform. Below is some helpful information to help you get the year off right.

Friendly Reminder

Please make note of the dates for final grade submission. As long as teachers are inputting grades weekly into Mastery Connect, the only additional work needed is the input comments where necessary.

Two Cars on the Same Train

Mastery Connect (MC) and Power Teacher/School (PTP) are just two cars on the same train in terms of assessing student achievement. As a YCCS non-negotiable, progress reports are created via Mastery Connect. These same graded assessments can be easily put into PTP when it is time for credits to be awarded and/or report card to be distributed using the “export to grade book” feature in Mastery Connect.

Don’t Do Double Work!

It is essential that all grades be put into Mastery Connect 1st !

Maintaining the integrity of student grades is essential. Therefore the CBE grading scale has been added into PTP to ease the transition of grades from Mastery Connect. It is aligned with the YCCS grading policy and provides a clear conversion from competency-based grades to traditional ones.

On-board, but not sure which direction to go…

Join our SIP day workshops. We will be taking participants through setup and implementation. Registration links for both days are below:

Wednesday SIP workshops

Friday SIP workshops

The Mastery Connect Online PD course work is an excellent way to build your capacity at your own pace. You can choose to go through the entire course or pick your lesson based on your needs. **You will be asked to sign into MC in order to access the help links below.

Mastery Connect Online PD

Mastery Connect Support Center

Additional Resources

Please find below additional resource to add your use of Mastery Connect.

Practice makes perfect….

so the more you use Mastery Connect, the easier it gets to navigate and the more informed and empowered your students become.