Teachers everywhere understand that their job is more than just teaching content. Teachers are surrogate mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, big sisters & brothers, and even quasi-therapists. Their love for their students means that effective educators can not teach in an emotional vacuum. Student needs far surpass those of academia, and arguably even more so with the YCCS student demographic.

So how do teachers address student social emotional needs and engage them academically?

How does one balance their own social emotional needs with the needs of their students, especially during this pandemic?

There are no simple answers to these questions; and the answer for one may not be applicable to another. However, do not feel discouraged. YCCS is working diligently to provide ample resources in an consolidated effort to build teachers and staffs’ social emotional learning (SEL) toolkit. Once such resource is the YCCS Helpline.


The YCCS Helpline is a 24/7 resource for our students, their families, and community members experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. Clinicians, including licensed counselors and nurses, perform assessments, offer tele-services, and make referrals to vetted agencies, organizations, and institutions in an effort to meet the needs of each caller.
Please share this helpline with your students and staff; and remember

CPS Social Emotional Resources

In addition to the YCCS Helpline and SEL Resources, below you will find information on the CPS series of professional development webinars to assist teachers and staff with addressing their SEL needs.

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